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The End to One Chapter: Over the 4 years at University of Portland

As we are currently approaching the middle of dead week, and finals week approaches around the corner, I realize that this is the end of one chapter of my life. I have spent the last four years here on this beautiful campus that offers so many great opportunities that I probably would have never received anywhere else.

I have been proud to be a Pilot and carless or not aware of issues that happen around campus. Then all of sudden these past two years I have become more involved in different clubs or interact with different groups of people who challenge me to rethink my thoughts or stances.

Even though there are many students around campus recently who argue that diversity on the bluff does not exist, I can agree to an extent. Yes when we look around campus, majority of the time you don’t see minority groups, but over the four years of being a students I have seen an increase of minority groups on campus.

There are many restrictions to how admissions works and how a school’s define diversity. There are many grants and scholarships that donors offer to universities with certain restrictions in order for schools to receive these generous grants. This is one way that UP can not really change their admissions to diverse groups.

In my overall impression of being a student here on the bluff, I feel that there is a continued growth of diversity amongst the student population. Even though it does not seem like it, I feel that UP can not do as much as they would like because admissions is restricted to different guidelines to who they can admit. Many students as you have seen in previous post or videos throughout this semester have a very strict view that diversity does not exist.

I hope one day that University of Portland will  give protection to those who identify part of the LGBQT group, those who are of color because even though it may not seem like it to most, majority of students who are part of the minority groups don’t feel safe or comfortable on this beautiful campus.

University of Portland is a great school and I won’t ever regret coming here 4 years ago. I will always cherish my memories here as a Pilot as one of the only Latinas in my class and in the university population. I hope 10 years from now when we do our 10 year reunion I can see a change on this campus about the topic of diversity.

Hopefully that students who are the minority feel more comfortable and safe, because no students should have to sacrifice such a beautiful life changing experience here in the Pilot Community.


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