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Why would anyone do that?

Every year some students at UP participate in something known as “Pub Crawl.” It is always on the Wednesday of finals week, and I am here to ask why. I am also here to ask why another event called, “Beer Olympics” is always right before dead week.

Pub Crawl usually starts on Denver Ave and ends at The Twilight Room or the Sundown on Lombard. This is a little under 3 miles of traveling for students, which makes it a little better since many calories are consumed in the form alcoholic beverages. I will be participating this year since I don’t have any finals that thursday (for once) and I am beyond excited. I LOVE PUB CRAWL, but I also have friends that can’t participate because of finals they have the next day. I’m just saying….moving it to the next day would not be such a bad idea.

Beer Olympics was on Saturday, April 20 this year which is two weeks before the semester is over. This event consisted of many mini-events, all involving drinking beer. Participants had teams of six and represented a country of their choice. Sounds like a great time, right? Unfortunately right before finals start, is cram week. Beer Olympics interfered.

My point of this blog post is that college students have it hard. I don’t understand how we are able to participate in all of these events and still get work done. Time management has never seemed so hard. So to the people that were/are going to be at these events and still receive good grades in their classes…PLEASE teach me your secrets.



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