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What time is the right time?

Oh the beginning stages of a relationship; we all remember it. That great feeling of being above and beyond excited when you see the person you have feelings for, or making sure you go out of your way to walk them to a class or a meeting. Little actions like these signify something bigger, or the desire for that something. But when do you really know when the right time to make the move is? It’s the age old question that men and women alike have been trying to figure out but the post on the Seriously-Maybe brings up three very good points which are all good signs that you and your potential significant other  are ready to make the commitment.

  1. The first step listed is “clear signs of affection”. I definitely agree with this; when you and another person are commonly hugging or  even doing little favors for each other without asking of one another because you know it would make the other happy, this could be a sign that some true feelings are coming on.
  2. The post lists the second sign as “elevated conversation” and the third as “intimate conversation” but I am going to go ahead and combine them. In my experience these enhanced levels of convo are big signs pointing towards possibly getting into a relationship. When you build a certain level of trust with someone and there is enjoyment in engaging in conversation with this person and there are apparent signs of feelings ( as hinted at in the first point), there is a strong probability that the building blocks to a relationship have been set down.

These points are clear indicators that there may be a relationship in the works and all of you out there should definitely not be oblivious to the people around you because you never know what you could be missing out on.


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