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Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Movie Poster from "Fat,  Sick, and Nearly Dead"

Movie Poster from “Fat,
Sick, and Nearly Dead”

Earlier this week my roommates and I watched a very interesting documentary on a revolutionary new diet idea. At the risk of sounding like a commercial for this documentary, I will say I loved this documentary.

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” follows Joe Cross who is an Australian native that found himself struggling with his weight a few years ago. He was diagnosed with a rare skin disease caused by his poor health and fitness. That’s when he decided to take his life back and get into shape! After he consulted with his doctors, he chose a drastic lifestyle change. This documentary follows his 60 day journey in the world of juicing.

Juicing is a diet that consists of drinking only fruit and vegetables after they have been put through a juicer. This type of diet is referred to as fasting but it is sustainable for your body because of the high amount of nutrients that the drinks contain.

Joe lost more than 100 pounds and has stopped taking steroids for his skin disease. He is a huge proponent of a healthy lifestyle and has traveled the world informing people about this revolutionary diet. Along with bringing himself back from the cliffs of death he also takes on a project with a man named Phil who had the same skin disease and was severely over weight.


Phil Stanley before at 425lbs


Phil Stanley at the end of the movie

The only words that I had after watching this documentary was, “Wow, how inspirational!” The incredible transformations that were chronicled in the documentary were inspiring and made us all feel like we should go work out. My roommates and I immediately started researching the juicer and the science behind the diet.

What we found is fascinating. The juicers are not that expensive and are a very affordable option. On amazon there are many options with a wide price range. We also stumbled upon a very informative PBS page that breaks down the basics of the juicing diet and the benefits.

Needless to say we ordered a juicer and will ensuing on a 10-day test run when finals are over. We will keep you informed!

Your Truly,


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