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Dead Week or Death Week

Looking at my to do list for the end of the semester it looks as if I have an entire semesters work to do. 7 Papers, 3 Presentations, 2 Quizzes and then of course, the dreaded FINAL EXAMS! This year’s dead week may actually kill me.

I never understood why my teachers assigned all this work for the end of the semester. Why wouldn’t I have 7 papers due the first month of school when motivation actually existed in my life? Yesterday when I sat down to start writing my theology paper, I found all of my resources and then sat and stared at my computer for 45 minutes. I couldn’t even tell you what happened; it’s as if I blacked out. Maybe I was drunk? The world may never know!

The only thing getting me through this week will be a miracle! That and knowing that Summer is in two weeks. I know people say that Junior Year is tough, but up until this week, everything was smooth sailing. I just don’t even want to imagine what my senior year will be like.

4 of my 7 papers and all 3 of my presentations are group projects and in all this chaos, its important to remind myself how to work in a group. Here are my top pointers for working in group projects!

-Make sure that everyone in the group understands the objectives and their roles in the assignment.

-Delegate a group leader to keep everyone focused and up to date on their work.

– Create deadlines in order to allow group members to have a goal in mind. Try and have these deadlines at least 3 days before the assignment is due.

-Encourage and help out our team members if they are struggling.

Every group works differently and not all groups work well at all, the last point is one of the most important things to remember. Not everyone has the same work mentality, so adjust to meet your team members half way.

Have a wonderful dead week, a great finals week and an even better summer!

I’m Still, BIG RED


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