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What To Do On Your Wedding Eve

Don’t get on social media (keep this moment private!): Fall off the radar for a day or two so your guests are waiting in anticipation to see you and talk to you at the reception! This is the most special day of your life and something you can’t translate to the social media world. Keep is personal, keep it private. Share the joy and pictures after the fun is had!


No texting with the husband: They say seeing your husband is back luck, and texting with your husband the night before the wedding will not help the wedding in any way. You are about to spend the rest of your lives together so cutting off all communications with your man for one night before the big day shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. He’ll appreciate it later, when he sees your grand entrance as his bride.

And do I even have to mention that there should be no sex the night before the wedding?!410Nw0NroPL._SY300_

Write a letter to your husband: You’re about to spend the rest of your life with this man, and you may have a few thoughts about that. Before the big day, write a letter to your husband-to-be and let him know how you feel about embarking on a new adventure together. Have someone deliver it to him before the ceremony. It will make for a truly touching moment.

Watch a goofy, wedding romantic comedy with your girls: You’re never too old for a sleepover, and the night before your wedding is the perfect time for a girls-only party—one last time as a single woman.  You’ll have to keep the snacks on the healthy side, but line up some wedding-related chick flicks like Father of the Bride or My Big Fat Greek Wedding and get into the wedding zone.2091768729_1361874150

Set a bedtime: With so many emotions rushing it may be hard to want to go to sleep, but rest before your big day is essential. Set a bed time in advance so that you are mentally prepared to go to bed. Having some good beauty sleep will guarantee you feel good, and look fresh for a great wedding glow.

Jamie Ellen


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