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Why Being “unironically enthusiastic” is Important…

John Green once said the great thing about being a nerd is you are allowed to be “unironically enthusiastic.” That’s brilliant. There needs to be more genuine enthusiasm in the world. And when you appreciate something or are a fan of something or someone I think you shouldn’t be afraid of expressing it. Fangirl (or it’s manly, but just as intense  equivalent), see how many quotes from The Princess Bride you can sneak into a conversation, make potions on Pottermore, reblog that gif of a hedgehog and a giraffe ,cosplay as Buzz Lightyear, geek out over Iron Man 3 trailers.

We shouldn’t be ashamed–comic-books, TV-shows, music, theater, sports, animals, reality tv—it doesn’t matter what it is. If something makes you happy in a positive, non-destructive way, you shouldn’t have to apologize for it.Some people search for years to figure out what moves them.

I was fortunate enough to discover what I’m passionate about early on. Am I still embarrassed at times by the weird squeaky noises I make when I get excited? Absolutely, but embracing that energy has opened up more possibilities for me than if I tried to keep it all in.

I wrote a short play for a theater class last semester. In a few days, it will be one of a few student-written plays  read out loud. It’s exciting and a little scary.

Letting something you write out into the world can be terrifying. You wonder if people will be able to guess something about you from it or what they will think or if any of the chicken scratches you’ve typed make any sense at all. I don’t think I’d be comfortable enough to let other people read something I’ve written out loud in front of an audience if I hadn’t written fanfiction first. Yes, fanfiction. I’ve written Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter fanfiction. Actually, I still write Harry Potter fanfiction.

Writing fanfiction helped me gain confidence in my own abilities.I learned how to plot, plan, reword, and write characters that made sense within a specific reality. It helped bring me to this point. I’m able to let these words go. I appreciate my own voice. And I can share it here, with you.

The world is weighed down with stresses, pains, horrors, and challenges. Those moments of happiness and inspiration can strengthen us when the darkness overwhelms. It’s easy to lose focus. We can free ourselves a little by celebrating the good even when it’s not ‘cool.’ If we embrace the little, silly things it can be a step towards accepting other aspects of ourselves.


2 Responses to “Why Being “unironically enthusiastic” is Important…”

  1. Richy Carrillo

    Good article and funny think its important for people to do this. wish some people would read this ahaha


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