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A Luau Beach Party for Billabong Fashion Showcase

Taken By Meg Markus

Taken By Meg Markus

Who doesn’t like new fashion and giveaways from clothing companies? This past Saturday iheart productions hosted a Billabong Fashion showcase and Luau party in a studio space off of NE Davis Street.

The event was for Billabong to show a preview of their summer fashion and offer a Luau party for people to have fun and enjoy a Saturday afternoon. The fashion show started at seven and they had representatives from Billabong observe the fashion show.

The venue is a studio space that a local photographer uses to showcase his fashion and companies like Billabongs fashion. The venue was set up as a beach party theme, with a small bus spray painted with a beach theme, a sandbox where people danced to the DJ, and an entry where they can do graffiti art.

The venue seemed perfect for an event that happened that night, and everyone seemed to enjoy the event and get free accessories from Billabong. The theme was to dress for a beach party and dance the night away and enjoy the fashion show!

I thought this was a great way to promote a diverse event in the Portland area for University of Portland Pilots to attend. Two UP students are interns for the photographer and promoted this event through invitation to a Facebook event or word of mouth.

This is another way for students to go off campus and enjoy a fun event with a mixture of diversity of style but also a twist of culture since it was Luau themed.

Now try to keep your eyes out for upcoming summer fashion from companies like Billabong or cool launch parties or fashion showcase parties this summer!

Took from website.

Took from website.


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