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Round of Applause for College NUCLs

On Saturday, the University of Portland English Department hosted their 10th annual Northwest Undergraduate Conference on Literature (NUCL).

Undergraduate and High School authors from across Oregon and Washington presented their winning analyses, poems, and critiques to their peers, faculty, and fellow students.

The papers are anonymous and graded by three NUCL interns. This year’s NUCL interns were Tom Bluth, JoAnna Langberg, and Cerice Keller.

Bluth said there were about 120 entries and only half were accepted to present.


NUCL luncheon and award ceremony
Photo by Dominique Pascua

There were awards given to the top authors of five categories.

Jennifer Bray from Seattle University won the “Brass NUCL” award (the highest award given to the best overall entry), entitled “Contingent Veiling: Orientalism and an Attempt to Re-make Understandings of Veiled Women in the West.”

Daniel Califo from Lewis and Clark College won “Outstanding Poetry” entitled, “The Shorter Catechism: A Brief Collection of Poetry.”

Ian Clark from the University of Portland won “Outstanding Criticism” entitled, “I AM: The Protean Absence of Essence and the Failure of Individuality in James Joyce’s Ullysses.”

Suzie Chinisci from Seattle University won “Outstanding Essayist” entitled “Things My Brother Has.”

Kyle Schiller from Oregon Episcopal School won “Best High School Entry” for his poem entitled, “Barriers and Battering Rams.”

The conference was broken into three sessions where students were grouped into panel categories. Authors read their entries and then held a brief question and answer session.

The award ceremony was held during lunch followed by a presentation from Keynote Speaker Cindy Weinstein from the California Institute of Technology, the final panel session, and a closing ceremony.

Students from any major could attend. They hope to increase advertisement and marketing next year to encourage entries and attendance from outside majors.


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