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How UP Pilots view Visitation Days and how it represents Diversity

In the spring majority of the perspective students get to see the beautiful campus especially when it the cherry blossoms are out and revamp how beautiful the Bluff is. These perspective students come in groups from their schools, random appointments with their families.

Majority of the time these groups are very diverse by gender or race and when they walk around campus, they may wonder if they can identify with anyone around campus as they walk around.  As they walk around campus, they probably get stares from all the University Pilots or hear side comments directed to them. As students walk around they probably wonder who out of these kids will actually come to the bluff the upcoming fall.

Freshman Melissa Hager gives her opinion about visitation days and tours and how they represent diversity.  “Truly depends on who admissions and the school is targeting to come here.” She believes that majority of the perspective students are female, Caucasian and from well stable homes. She thinks that when new incoming freshman come to visit the campus they don’t see any diversity because there is not much to see, besides that it is predominantly female and Caucasian.

Melissa’s quote brings up a question about how does University of Portland admissions market to diverse communities. Who do they target for their visitation days or tours? Majority of the students, who decide to attend UP, were invited to visit the campus first or to Weekend on the Bluff.

Three seniors, who will be graduating this May 5, expressed that when they were pre-freshman they did not feel that the school offered or talked about diversity activities that could have been beneficial for them.

“I do not feel UP does an appropriate job of describing diversity. I think as a Latino student I never was informed of the various opportunities the school could offer or could prove upon,” Ally Mercado, senior at UP goes more into depth about how the school really relies on showing the campus but neglects the emphasis of diversity. Ally expressed that visitation day is incredibly important for a freshman because it allows them to get a feel of the campus and if they feel like they fit in, and if a student is looking for diversity, the school needs to address that during these tours.

Two other seniors expressed that they are seeing more diversity amongst the visitation groups and tours. A senior Manny Aquino expressed that even though he has not paid much attention to them, he realized that there are more languages then English being spoken amongst the students. He feels that this will help broaden diversity on campus.

Maile Kamisugi a senior as well said that she saw a group of students last week and noticed that there were a few Hawaiians, but she feels that they would have felt at home if they would have seen or known about the group of Hawaiians on campus.

So what is University of Portland going to do to promote more diversity on campus and have perspective students feel like they can make Life on the Bluff their home.


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