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Ebooks Too Much Like Regular Books

Ebooks too similar to its paper back sibling

ebooks too similar to its paper back sibling

I have begun to see a lot of similarities between eBooks and regular books and I find myself questioning why? Comparing eBooks to books is like comparing stairs with escalators. I remember when eBooks first came out, like Kindle and others, many people around me began to think that the era of the book was over and we were going to begin to burn them like in Fahrenheit 451. Saying that eBooks are going to replace books is like saying escalators will replace stairs. But why are they like books then?

The great thing about EBooks is that it can hold thousands of books in a small rectangle, it is capable of receiving data from the internet anywhere in case you need to look up a word on the dictionary. The problem with eBooks as they exist now is the lack of user experience innovation. The eBook is a new medium that has yet to see any true innovation, and resorts to imitating an old medium.

There is no reason I need to turn fake pages. If I’m using a computer to read, I should be able to leverage the connectivity and processing power of that computer to augment my reading experience: eBooks should allow me to read on an infinite sheet. There are endless possibilities for eBooks to make reading more accessible and immersive than ever, but as long as eBooks try to be paper books, they will just remain in the same place as they are now.



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