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Visitation Days at University of Portland

It’s that time of year where there are many groups of perspective students walking around campus. You see them as you walk off-campus onto campus, as you walk across the quad, as you walk in and out of the buildings and while your in class you see them outside through the windows.

As you see them walk around campus, you wonder how many of them are actually going to be attending the next fall or any upcoming semesters. While you walk around campus and you see those groups walk around you hear them ask questions and you laugh to yourself because you realize you probably asked the same question when you were a freshmen or pre-frosh.

As they walk between Buckley Center Aud and Franz Hall there are always those students who yell to them “Don’t Come Here!”, “It’s a mistake, turn back before its to late.” and you see those other students laugh and shake there heads.

The other day in class I realized I caught myself being very attentive to the visitation group that was outside the classroom window, and I noticed majority of the perspective students where male and of color. While there was about three or four females out of twenty-five kids outside.

I started thinking about how it would be like if all of those students were accepted and were to attend University of Portland next fall and how it would change the culture and dynamics of the bluff.

Then the question that I thought about is how does University of Portland market to diverse communities and to get them to attend visitation days. I wonder how do majority of these perspective students feel on campus, when they realize they are the minority either by gender or race? The reason I am curious is because there has been an issue with the idea that University of Portland does not truly promote diversity of gender or race like it should.

I am curious how and who does University of Portland market to when they are looking for perspective students? Is it effective to their guidelines or standards of promoting diversity?


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