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“Would you happen to know how much a polar bear weighs”?

Can pick-up lines be taken seriously? Are they even worth using? Pick-up lines have commonly been perceived as an approach taken to lighten the mood in an otherwise usually awkward situation. The reality is that trying to approach someone can be hard for both sides, and the use of a pick-up line (as long as it is not too out there) is a simple way to ease any of the possible tension.

But on the other hand, how useful are they? And how much are they even used?  It is rare that someone could actually use a corny pick-up line and succeed in walking away with the girl but it does offer a quick and easy way start the conversation off on a positive not and show someone that you have a funny and lighter side and even if you’re turned away, taking the chance shows a lot.

In order to gain some insight into how and why pick-up lines are being utilized today by students here at UP, if at all, I decided to arrange a quick discussion with two current students here at the university and one former student who had to leave the University for personal reasons.


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