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Wacky Willy Wonka Wedding!

On Saturday, one English couple decided to have their wedding in a ‘world of pure imagination’ by embracing a Willy Wonka themed wedding. Crazy? They didn’t think so! Donna Barker and Ben Low went all out on with their “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” themed wedding. From the Wonka chocolate bars wrapped in “Golden Tickets”, to a golden gate “Wonka” guest entrance, the bride and groom truly committed themselves to this creatively quirky theme. Plenty of sweets were provided for the guests and the Wonka filled detailed were endless! Although the bride and groom were traditionally dressed; the bride carried a bouquet of lollipops and flowers and wore the signature purple on her shoes as she walked down the aisle. The groom was sporting a purple top hat and carried a candy-filled cane. As the newly married couple walked back down the isle endless amounts of little candies were thrown in place of confetti. For the reception, the room was filled with candy decorations and each table had its own themed sweets and name.


Possibly the most outrageous move of all was hiring an “Oompa Loompa” to join the reception. The couple fired an actor who appeared in the “Harry Potter” films as a goblin to play the part. During the reception the couple even performed a choreographed dance for the guests. Ben stated, “People were expecting something wacky, and that’s what we did. It was amazing.” The couple ended up paying 15,000 pounds for this Willy Wonka creation; that’s close to $23,000 US dollars.


It’s no secret that this wedding was out of the box! The question is, is this something people would actually consider doing at their wedding? Julianne Opra, 24, stated “I think the idea is very fun and creative but I would never actually do something this crazy at my wedding! I couldn’t dedicate my special day to some wacky movie.”


Brides often want to set their special day apart from the rest and it is no secret that Barker and Low did just that. But the question is, did they go TOO far? A University of Portland Student, Jessica Baker, expressed “I am a very traditional girl but I feel that weddings are a very sacred event and should be taken seriously. Bringing two people together in holy matrimony is something that should be valued by the couple, and to me this wedding seemed a little too silly. Of course the reception should be fun, but I think love should have been the focus, not Willy Wonka!”

Every couple has the right to their own wedding choices, and for some, the crazier, the better!


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