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Hybrid Chocolate: How Fruit Juice Could Change the Way We Indulge

Chocolate. Photo courtesy of Geek System.

Today in New Orleans at the 245th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society scientists introduced a new process of emulsifying chocolate with fruit juice that could cut chocolate’s fat and sugar content in half. While chocolate is currently made with fatty products that bind and emulsify the cocoa and milk, it has been discovered that by using micro-droplets of fruit juice the process could yield a much healthier chocolate alternative.

The ACS Conference in New Orleans will continue through Thursday of this week. Photo courtesy of The ACS.

In a press release scientist Stefan A. F. Bon, PhD, the lead researcher on the project from BonLab, let the public know just what this means. He explained that the chocolate is made using micro-bubbles of fruit juice in combination with water infused with vitamin C or soda as an emulsifier, allowing the chocolate to have half of the fat and sugar, but keep the smooth texture that people know and love from chocolate.

A lot of people find diet or synthetic chocolates to be disappointing alternatives that leave you craving the real thing, but Bon believes that this new process could change that forever. While the chocolate would carry the flavor of the fruit juice, the way that it is mixed creates a very pleasant hint of fruit within the chocolate.

Bloomed chocolate. Photo courtesy of The Prairie Table.

Another huge advantage to this new process is that it eliminates what is known as “sugar bloom,” which is the white film that can appear on chocolate that has been sitting around for long periods of time. This could possibly effect shelf life for the better and amount to less wasted product.

Bon with his creation: the hybrid chocolate. Photo courtesy of Science Daily.

Bon suggests that by eliminating a good portion of the fat content, the healthful qualities of chocolate will be more accessible. Chocolate is packed with antioxidants and flavonoids that are great for our health, but the 10 or more grams of fat make chocolate an unlikely choice for the health conscious. With this new process, the candy will maintain the antioxidants that we want while eliminating a large portion of that pesky fat that sends dieters running.

While this research is extremely exciting for the food industry world and chocolate lovers alike, it is now up to the candy companies themselves to take the reigns and turn this experiment into a legitimate product. While there is no evidence of a company currently undergoing this process, it is likely that we will be seeing these new hybrid chocolates in the very near future.


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