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Young Love overtakes Social Media

Am I the only one who’s noticed the vast increase of engagement and wedding photos on Facebook these days? Is it already that time where all of our high school and college friends begin to settle down and start getting married and starting families? To me, it felt like just yesterday I graduated high school and turned 18! I can’t imagine my life with a husband and child right now, but of course, that is not the path for everyone. Although statistics show that the average age for getting married is still around 28 years old, the presence of social media has changed how marriage is perceived. Because the younger generations are the more active online members, we SEE more of what we think is the ‘normal’ way of life. When in fact, being an unmarried college student is way more accurate in today’s society! With the growth of social media I wondered if I was alone in my thoughts and what my peers around me were thinking about this very subject. It’s hard to ignore the pictures on Facebook, or exciting Tweets about everlasting love. If you were single, wouldn’t this be annoying? Having the social media world shove it’s digital love down your throat. Would you be anxious to get engaged if you had been dating your boyfriend for a few years so that you too could show of your sparkling ring on Instagram? I interviewed four students at the University of Portland to gain some insight on how young love on social media affects their self-esteem.


Famous young couple Liam Hemsworth (22) and Miley Cyrus (19) are setting an example of young engagement!


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