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Urban Areas of Portland

Portland has a variety of cultures throughout the city. There are very well-known urban areas of Portland and there are urban areas that are known only to people who have been through or live there.

Martin Luther King Blvd is the most popular urban area of Portland. It is also the largest. The majority of African American fast food restaurants, such as Popeye’s and KFC are located on MLK. There is a popular Nike store on the main street also. However, it is surrounded by multiple liquor stores, barbershops, and African American clothing stores.

The most commonly talked about area in North Portland is St. John’s. St. John’s is talked about both positively and negatively in regards to community and common activity that occurs within the area. Very good small restaurants are in St. John’s, also a supportive community of the many schools in the area. On the negative side of the urban area of North Portland, gang activity is pretty high following frequent crimes.

Almost every city has a street fair. Portland has the biggest street fair every month. Actually every Thursday of each month, giving the name of the very popular street fair Last Thursday. Alberta St. taken over by the city fair is easy to find since it is a cross street of the main urban street, MLK.

Portlanders know about it. Visitors and newcomers of the city love it. The annual parade in Portland, the Rose Festival is the fun event located on 82nd Ave. or what Portlanders would call, The Avenue of Roses. Non-Portland like big name stores which cannot be found in the local parts of Portland are located on the Avenue of Roses also, stores like Wal-Mart and Target.

Knowing about the urban areas of Portland gives a good look on the different cultures of the city. The urban areas are expanding, despite the negative aspects, the cultural food and clothing that is not found in the local parts of the city gives a fun look at the different parts of Portland.


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