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Real World Portland: Things Are Changing

The TV show that is praised for essentially starting the “reality TV” trend and obsessed in modern America has hit close to home, landing in our city of Portland. Students and teachers alike were excited to hear about another show filming in the incredible neighborhoods and city of Portland, and about the potential to be caught on camera and having a few seconds of fame. Already, the 28th Season of Real World is earning praise from critics, just because of it’s location – Portland isn’t as superficial as past location picks such as Los Angeles and St. Thomas Island. Viewers are excited to see a city that is as trendy as it is hipster, and to get a fresh take on the predictable dramas that are almost essentials to each season.

As shown in a previous post, this year’s cast members hail from all different corners of the grand ole US of A, giving the cast a well-rounded and quirky feel. Cast members include a man with a hand that has no fingers, a Hooters girl who brought her dog, a former Texas Tech football player and NFL almost, and a mysterious (and seemingly violent) latecomer who will replace one of the cast members later in the season. Nicknamed already as “Hurricane Naya,” viewers can already expect heavy winds paired with massive destruction.

Want to hear a few genuine reactions of listeners during the first episode? Listen below for some sound clips of both the show, and some Real-World-obsessed University of Portland students!


3 Responses to “Real World Portland: Things Are Changing”

  1. Jamie Opra

    Where are the blondes? Great post! Can I borrow the spoon?


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