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How Many Social Media Apps Do You Need?

What happened to the original telephone number swap? Or for our generation, getting the number so the two people can text each other. There are far too many social media apps in today’s world.

Everyone remembers the infamous Myspace. One of the popular social media apps was Aim, which was around the same time as Myspace.

Many years ago, beyond our generation, if two people wanted to meet up again or communicate privately they would get each other’s phone number. In 2013, you don’t even need someone’s number to communicate with them electronically.

For the 3% of Blackberry users still out there, BBM was an alternate app for texting for people who had a Blackberry phone. You didn’t need the person’s phone number, yet you needed their short PIN number; which can be considered a phone number.

The famous Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and now snapchat, kik, Tumblr, even cinegram. For iPhone users, the list continues in the App store. People would post a status on Facebook or Twitter saying “You’re asking me to send you a picture? And I have a Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!” That’s only a third of the list of apps, however it is far too many.

There are rebels who refuse to get Instagram or Tumblr. The way society’s social media is increasing so fast, they might as well join the bandwagon and get the new social media app. If they were to really look at it, they are all the same yet in a different way. Facebook includes statuses, pictures, videos, and messages. Same goes for Twitter.

So many social media apps, people’s private life is being narrowed down faster and faster.

2 Responses to “How Many Social Media Apps Do You Need?”

  1. Caroline Lai

    This is so true! It’s crazy to think how communication has gone past texting. I like how you challenge people to just get those apps because they are all really the same in the end.

  2. enidspitz

    You say all these apps are far too many, but also that people might as well just join in. So, is it inevitable that we’ll all get sucked into the hyper-connected media cloud and any trace of traditionalism left in us should give up now? While some might say we’re already to the point where technology uses us, instead of vice versa, I still think apps can only overwhelm you if you let them.


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