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Getting “Thorny” about shirts

This shirt created more controversy than the Portland Thorns FC envisioned, and was taken off the shelves March 22 at the request of fans | Photo courtesy of

The power of social media was in full force two weeks ago as Portland soccer fans shared their distaste for a Portland Thorns t-shirt, which read “Feelin’ Thorny.” It took only a day and 135 likes on a Facebook group petitioning the shirt’s removal before the Portland Thorns responded by pulling the “Feelin’ Thorny” shirt off the shelves.  Fan outcry of sexism, and the Thorns decision to create, and then retract, the shirt, prompted a colorful discussion online and through social media.

Read the best of the discussion and reactions here: [View the story “Getting \”Thorny\” about shirts” on Storify]

2 Responses to “Getting “Thorny” about shirts”

  1. Kyle Cape-Lindelin

    Nice news blog Liz, I personally wanted to hear your opinion on the subject more, especially since most of the tweets were just from fans, but this is definitely a new news story, so it would’ve been great to follow your storify as it was happening. Good Job!

  2. enidspitz

    It’s funny how those few shirts sold are now a collectors item–I wonder if they’ll show up at games!


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