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New Google Map Feature for Smartphones

Google Maps AppCredit to Getty Images

Google Maps App. Credit to Getty Images

For those people with smart phones and use the app Google Maps there is a new gesture that can make your life so much simpler. It’s as easy as a thumb tap away. If you are anything like me, navigating through maps trying to find places can become a hassle when I need one of my hands and the other to look through my phone. But now Google has implemented a smart, simple way to zoom in and out with just one hand, instead of the usual pinch. All you need to do is just double tap the screen with your thumb—anywhere on the screen is fine—and on the second tap, hold your finger down. Now slide your finger up and down and the screen should be zooming in and out.

This works for both Androids and iOS, it’s possible that it has been around before but few have known about it, at least I didn’t. Really, this is the slickest new gesture since Apple introduced five-finger-pinch to go to the home screen on tablets a few years back. Especially on a super widely used app like Maps, which everyone uses one-handed while they walk in circles and pretend they aren’t lost.

I tend to use Google Maps more often than the map that already comes with the iPhone, but there are others who prefer Apples version, however I also looked to see if Apple’s maps were able to zoom in and out using the double-tap but it was not capable to do so. Apple will probably be waiting for the patent to expire to implement it to its existing navigation apps. This is just a nifty life hack that will is intended to help make your life easier and efficient, and to anybody else including myself… *facepalm* for not knowing this sooner.

– Richy


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