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Is it really “All About the Benjamins”?

Credit to the "Pageonce" Blog.

Credit to the “Pageonce” Blog.

Money is undeniably one of the most important, and frustrating factors that must be taken into account when looking for a relationship that we can be happy in. As I was reading Kim’s post on the “Seriously-Maybe” site, I was thinking about how this type of situation may apply to college students. Now obviously you aren’t going to see many college students with a whole lot of spending money to throw around, but how important is being able to take your significant other to a nice dinner every once in a while or surprising him or her with a small gift? To me personally, I don’t necessarily think it is absolutely vital to a healthy relationship but I think both sides would agree that it is always nice to do something nice for their significant other, even if it is as infrequent as once a month.

Another important factor here would be the willingness for both parties to agree to split bills as much as possible. After you reach a certain point in the relationship (obviously it differs for every couple depending on financial standing and the duration of relationship), it is important to try to help one another out with the financial side. Like I said earlier, it is rare that either one of members in the relationship has enough money to splurge and spoil the other so it is usually best to go back and forth splitting bills for meals, movies and any other activities that couples out there may do. It helps both people save some money in comparison to what they would have spent paying for both people and it still means you can take your significant others out to have a good time.  It’s a WIN/WIN situation!


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