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HOT apps for college students

In the wonderful world of technology, us college students most certainly know how to take advantage of it all! Late last week I was looking around the classroom at all the phones just sitting on the table and every single one was a smart phone. I made a quiet laugh to myself and then thought nothing of it, until I went home and my roommate was using her phone to help her study for an accounting test! GASP! Then I started to think, are old ways of studying for tests and quizzes out and is technology coming in?

I say absolutely! Notecards and binders can be bulky and heavy! Who wouldn’t want everything to fit in the small of their hand? Chris Hakala, a professor of psychology says that “Students can get access to their materials…wherever they are.”

So here are the most popular apps for college students that will help us study when we’re studying for a test in the class period before!

  1. StudyBlue Flashcards

So I’m not huge into notecards for studying, but sometimes you need notecards! A bonus to this app is that it notifies you when you need to study for your test! That way you stay on top of your studying instead of spacing and playing those video games.  StudyBlue Flashcards even hands out feedback to the student, so they can focus on the material they don’t know as well, instead of making two stacks of cards on the desk!

  1. Evernote Peek

Another really cool app! This one might even get me a little excited about senior year (maybe…) This app takes your notes, whether they are text, audio, or video and turns them into study questions for a test! Who said paying attention in class and taking notes were a waste of time? Best thing, it’s free! Perfect for the average college student!

  1. Graphing Calculator

Even though this is a pretty cool app and it only cost $1.99, I have absolutely ZERO use for it! Normally a graphing calculator will cost you as little as $100.00 and you can get everything you need for only $1.99. And another bonus, you can still screen shot and share your pictures so you can delete whatever you were working on and move on to the next problem!

  1. School Helper

My second favorite app out of this group, and one I am totally getting (mainly because it’s free!)  School Helper helps us busy, busy college students organize our daily lives. It tracks out grades, homework assignments, notes, exams, etc. If any of you are anything like me and cling to both your phone and your planner for dear life, this app is for you! Ditch the paper, save a tree, and get this app!

  1. Trello

HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS BEFORE?! This app is all about working in groups! This is my favorite app on the list because I am currently in 4 group projects! Trello allows groups to manage tasks, deadlines and responsibilities for each individual in the group. When a person is assigned a task, they are notified and when that person finishes the task, the rest of the group is notified.

I’m Still, BIG RED


2 Responses to “HOT apps for college students”

  1. Ariana Villegas

    I haven’t heard of any of these apps, but I’m really glad I read this! I think these will all be super helpful for me seeing as I can’t do anything without being distracted by my phone. So now I can study on my phone!

  2. Megan Parker

    super cool bridge! I am definitely going to look into these for senior year! the only thing i would add for you is the link to the article somewhere in the introduction instead of sitting alone at the end! but otherwise it was great!


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