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Portland: It’s Sunny!

A vitamin D-inspired bucket list for the sunny days to come.

By Enid R. Spitz

Portlanders are breaking out the Coppertone and Birkenstocks and re-aqainting themselves with that odd glowing orb in the sky.

I remember well the day Portland won my heart. It was April 15, 2009, one of those days where idyllic cherry blossoms mirror cumulonimbus clouds suspended over the valley of downtown. It rained, being Portland, but only lightly. From then on it was love.

photo by Enid Spitz

photo by Enid Spitz

Springtime’s first sunny days always see a sort of reincarnation. All of a sudden paragons of Portland culture (mainly beer, bikes, coffee, and pale skin) emerge from the dungeons of dive bars, garages, cafes and concert venues.

Let’s not be foolhardy–there’s still plenty of spring rain to come, global warming and all, but it doesn’t hurt to begin your sunshine days bucket list. Hipsters, grab your Ray Bans, and everyone else dig through the dregs of your dresser for those buried shorts. Here comes the sun.



Summertime Street Fairs

Photo by Juan-Carlos Delgado

Photo by Juan-Carlos Delgado

Vendors, musicians, street artists and general weirdness culminate on closed-down streets throughout the summer. These are prime times to become a food cart connoisseur and people-watcher.

Mississippi Ave.–July 13

Also, every 2nd Thursday from 5-8 pm Mississippi Ave. shops host different local artists for a relaxed art walk community event.

Fremont St.–first weekend in Aug.

Alberta St.–Aug 10

Last Thursday on Alberta St. is a crazy, eccentric street fair (the only one that doesn’t require vendors to register and pay) that runs through the fall.

On April 25 from 6-10 pm, Friends of Last Thursday is hosting their first ever Alberta Bar Crawl (map).

Hawthorne Ave.–Aug 18

Division St.–July 27

Rontom’s Summer Concerts

During nice-weather months, Rontoms (600 E Burnside St), takes it’s famous Sunday Concert Series out to the patio. Concerts are as plentiful as raindrops in this city, but good outdoors ones are a notable find.

Run…without rain gear

Lululemon in the Pearl hosts weekly urban runs, for free (they won’t charge you to sweat, they’ll just tempt you with new retail to make your sweat look cuter).

Fit Right NW’s First Thursday Urban Adventure Fun Runs are scavenger hunts on foot around various venues and business along NW 23rd Ave.


The only thing Portlanders may like more than bikes is beer. And the only thing that tops both is bikes and beer together. The made-for-Portland Brewcycle is a pedal-powered bar. Conveniently shaded by an awning and steered by a sober guide, it allows groups to bike, drink, and protect their fair skin simultaneously.


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