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Texting and Driving: Fatal Car Accidents

Inattention is a leading cause of fatalities in car accidents.Credit to Richy Carrillo

Inattention is a leading cause of fatalities in car accidents.
Credit to Richy Carrillo

Today’s technology makes our life a lot easier and efficient. But recently studies have shown that the theory of FOMO (The Fear Of Missing Out) causes people to be constantly checking their smart phones in order to be updated with the latest news and statuses on Facebook. However, drivers today are aware of the dangers but are still very careless while driving. According to, Over 1/3 of drivers (37%) have sent or received text messages while driving, 18% said they do it regularly and about 13% of adult drivers say they have surfed the Internet while driving.

Not long ago a bill was passed stating that anybody caught by the police using a cell-phone with driving will be issued a hefty fine. There will be ways around it just recently a friend of mine received a ticket, and cop says that with a purchase of a Bluetooth the fine would be disregarded in front of the judge. With situations like these I think it creates a sense of mind in people that it’s okay to drive distracted… but it’s not. Everyday thousands of people are driving while texting and what is clear is that talking on the phone and texting behind the wheel both lead to distraction, and driver inattention is the leading cause of car accidents. It’s important to know the dangers of careless driving because it doesn’t only affect the person that is responsible it affects the family of the other people that could be in the accident as well. I believe each person should be held accountable and responsible for their actions. Commercials on TV are pretty accurate in saying how important could a text be that it can’t wait till later, because if it were really that important it wouldn’t be through texts.

The map below shows places in Portland where there has been multiple car accidents and the number of vehicles involved the number of people involved and the number of fatalities in each accident. The map shows the north and east side of Portland, and there does not seem to show any signs of correlation to the sites of the incidents.

Map points found on


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