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The NON-DIFINITIVE to Live Music in Portland


Side view of the Arlene Schnitzer Hall. credit – Rylan Suehisa

I know that I’ve been stressing the quantity of good music in Portland from the beginning. Yet, my news stories and blog posts have only examined venues very narrowly. I haven’t written anything that helps to give a sense of breadth to this city’s music-scape. So, here we are with this map to help accomplish this goal of mine to bring awareness to the number and variety that one can experience.


Jimmy Mak’s
credit – Rylan Suehisa

Now, choosing a definitive list of ten was not an easy task. Portland is a rather large city, and the number of small restaurants and bars that offer live music is I am sure, quite numerous indeed. Therefore, this map is in no means exhaustive. In fact, if it were, my aims would in fact be lost. I intend for this map to be a springboard into the world of Portland music. As such, the locations on this map are easily accessible by various TriMet services, and the choice of venues reflect fairly popular genres. In fact, venues on this map for the most part, are in Southwest Portland (only the Rose Garden is across the river)!


The Bing Lounge exterior
credit – Rylan Suehisa

I hope that you visit these venues both big and small to see musicians who excite you, who cause you to follow them as they perform around Portland, and to come back to these newly discovered venues to discover yet more exciting music. Personally, I don’t believe that new musical discoveries, especially when they are local and live , can ever become tiresome. I urge a second time – do not look at these places as ends in themselves, but as beginnings to perhaps a fuller experience as a Portlander.


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