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Professors All Over The Country

Although University of Portland is a great school, the professors of the Communication Department have a diverse educational background. No matter where these teachers received their education, they have all excelled in their fields of study and are now known as our beloved CAS Department gurus.

From the east coast to the west coast, these CAS professors have traveled far and wide to enhance and enrich their educational experience and expertise.

This map follows the tracks of six CAS professors: Courtney Fletcher, Elayne Shapiro, Dann Pierce, Bohn Lattin, Jennette Lovejoy, and Brian Simmons.

During my research, I noticed an interesting find that many may not have known about our own Professor Pierce.

Pierce is actually an alumni of University of Portland. He received his undergraduate and master’s degrees here to continue his doctorate’s degree in Iowa.

Fletcher noted in her UP faculty page that she actually studied in three other universities before achieving her doctorate’s degree in New Mexico. She studied in as far as North Carolina to California.

It was also nice to see that we, as current University of Portland students, don’t have to travel all the way to the east coast to get a good education.

Lattin received his doctorate’s degree at Oregon’s very own University of Oregon.

Another interesting fact that came up during my own personal research about the university is that they are ranked 20th for their undergraduate psychology department.

According to US News, Grad Schools, University of New Mexico is ranked 77th, University of Iowa is ranked 32nd, University of Minnesota is 36th, Ohio University is 82nd, Purdue University is 63rd.

Although this doesn’t directly affect my decision for possible graduate schools, it is interesting to see where all my brilliant professors received their post-secondary education.

In a way, it is also nice to think that it doesn’t necessarily matter where we get our post-secondary education. As long as we work hard as students to get to that level of educational experience and skill and be able to apply it in our work and everyday lives, then it’s less pressure to choose a school that is supposedly “the best ranked.”

I’ll consider this when I search for graduate schools and really choose a school that would be best for me personally.

~ Dom


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