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Portland’s Biggest Companies

The best thing about going to school at the University of Portland is that we just so happen to live in Portland! Portland is full of some of the best and most successful businesses! Companies such as Nike, Intel, and even “Freddies” are on this list; and lucky for us we have all the hookups here at UP. Here at UP, students are incredibly blessed to be taught and mentored by faculty who has experience working for and with these companies.

I just had my second meeting of the semester with my advisor and we got on the topic on internships. Even though I already have an internship, he suggested that he email his past employer, Intel, about the possibility of an internship. Our faculty and staff are some of the best connections we will ever make. We have the opportunity to be connected to the best and most successful businesses in Portland by people who want to see us thrive.

In my three years, I have been taught, mentored and lectured by at least one person from each of these ten companies. These companies receive thousands of internship and job applications a year, but luckily for us, we have the faculty and staff to help set us apart. The one thing that I am constantly taught in business is that, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” And as great as it is to get good grades, the connections we make and the recommendations we receive are what is going to help us land the job.

As we start to look for internships and jobs before graduation, don’t forget to go talk to your advisor or your favorite professor about their connections. They are the easiest and least scary people to talk to about your future. And as dorky as it is, they are truly here to help us succeed in life.

I’m Still, Big Red


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