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Portland Yoga Guide

photo by Enid Spitz

Touching your toes to Utthita Trikonasana – yoga stretches across PDX

by Enid R. Spitz

When I say I’m a yoga instructor, almost everyone responds with a variation of: “Oh, I’ve been meaning to get into yoga.”

Once you fall into yoga’s lifestyle (when practicing regularly, most people can hardly help it) you discover its tenants of treading lightly and living steadily. But yoga as an industry has recently expanded to mark the landscapes of cities nation-wide. ¬†Studios, yoga styles and Lululemon are on the radio, in classrooms, and all across Portland. It can be mystifying before you even encounter Eka Pada Rajakapotasana.

Though the Portland yoga community is growing and thriving, it lacks a circuit board, a source for comprehensive information about yoga in this city.

In the past few years, Chris Calarco and Ian Tagge have done a lot to remedy the disconnect with The very first YogiRoots festival in 2012 brought teachers, yogis, local businesses and musicians from across Portland together for a celebration of yoga.

But for a practice that literally means “union,” there is still more to do.

I hope this map can be a step toward a comprehensive resource for dedicated yogis and the yoga-curious in Portland.

photo by Enid Spitz

photo by Enid Spitz

I sometimes remind students: “This is your own personal yoga practice. It is not ‘yoga perfect’ or ‘yoga performance.'” Studios and new prAna pants aren’t vital for that practice (unless you recently bought Lululemon), the community aspect is inspiring, supportive, and just fun. I can say as someone who’s searched rural Mississippi for a yoga community–we in Portland are blessed.

Stretch, explore, Om it out:

photo by Enid Spitz

photo by Enid Spitz


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