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It’s About to Get Real Serious

Ever since it’s debut season in 1992, the “Real World” series by MTV has captivated young audiences across the nation, compellingly tuning in each week to experience life through the eyes of another in a distant city. Be it catty girl fights, incest-like roommate relationships, or breaking a hand/leg/fist/head, each week promised new drama and thrilled those of us who were either still way too young to be watching it, or those of us who just enjoyed seeing another city through the eyes of similar young folk.


Chances are slim to none, typically, of living in the same city as the cast of a Real World season while they’re filming. But University of Portland students had the grand pleasure of hosting the 28th season of Real World in our city of Portlandia this past summer. Already, it promises two of them falling in love (with none other than the girl who swears it won’t happen – typical), confessions from the deepest of their souls (or so it seems), and of course, that one chick / dude who just can’t keep their swinging fists to themselves. In this case, it’s both.

I think often, when we have grown accustomed to our general surroundings, and comfortable with where we are, we grow lazy and lose our “wanderlust.” It isn’t unusual for me to hear someone say, “There’s nothing to do here!” or “I literally did nothing this weekend.” (It also isn’t unusual for these things to come from my own mouth. Oops.) Not only do I think watching Real World: Portland will make you feel better about where you are in your life, and a lot more sane than you think you are, but will revamp and revision the view we have about the City of Roses. And hopefully, it will force us to get out of our NoPo bubble and into the incredible city we call home, to fully experience and appreciate everything it has to offer.

There’s just one question I have for you: Are you ready, Pilots? Because things are about to get real serious.

The cast members from this season hail from both ends of our glorious nation – from Seattle-based Joi, to Massachusetts-born Johnny, these young adults spawn the country in different cultures. Check out where each cast member is from, plus the location of their loft in the Pearl District and the first clubs they hit up.


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