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Diversity on Campus

Diversity around University of Portland, makes me think about locations of where events are hosted and what departments promote diversity.

One of the main places that promote diversity at University of Portland, would be Moreau Center for Service and Leadership. They offer different volunteer opportunities for students to be involved in the community and the Portland area to do service. They also offer jobs like social justice coordinator, service-plunger coordinator, and CSWS coordinator for off campus jobs. This is a great way for students to get involved in service and participate in activities.

Another location on campus that promotes diversity at University of Portland would be Multicultural Programs in St. Mary’s and CPB office in St. Mary’s. They both offer and promote events on campus for students, some of them are educational and some of them to promote awareness.

The dorms that students live on campus is very diverse, meaning that students move from other states to come to the Bluff. The dorms around campus are diverse in gender as well, there are some dorms that are one gender. If a co-ed dorm then it would be dominated in one gender over the other. There are exactly 3 all female dorms, Mehling Hall, Kenna Hall, and Fields Hall. There are also 3 all male dorms Villa Maria Hall, Christie Hall, and Padre Hall. Then there are two co-ed dorms, Corrado and Shipstad that diverse in that everyone comes from different areas and cultures. Then there are themed homes in Tyson and Haggerty that are diverse in the theme. There is the Green house, International house, Faith and Leadership house, PHE house, and ROTC house and each of these houses are co-ed and represent diversity in its own way.

This past weekend the Hawaiian Club presented the annual Luau in the Chiles Center. The event started at 6pm on Saturday March 23, 2013 that consisted of a traditional Hawaiian dinner and traditional dancing. They had more than 700 people attend the event and participate in the photo booth, buy shaved ice and watch the dances as they heard the stories.


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