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10 Spots for the Portland College Feminist

As a young college feminist living in Portland, I’ve often wondered what there is to do around here. In a city so diverse, independent, and free-thinking, I wondered what Portland had to offer to young women like me aside from the women’s studies aisle in Powell’s.

And let’s be real—who reads books outside of school work? Find me a college student, during the school year, who actually prefers to read an entire novel that has nothing to do with classes over hanging out with friends, watching Netflix, sleeping, or pretty much anything at all, and I will send you a fat bag of cash strapped to a pair of llamas. (Hint: I have none of these things, especially the former based on the size of my last pay check.)

So, after talking around and doing some research, I found that there’s actually a ton of things going on in this lovely little city. Hoping to include a wide variety of places to fit the interests of a wide variety of young women, I have gathered ten local spots in Portland that I think a college gal would enjoy going to. Not only are they all accessible, but they are all great things to do or try out with your friends.

From a feminist community center that has been featured in “Portlandia” to a female friendly sex shop (intriguing, right?!), these spots fit the interests of girls who enjoy coffee, dining, shopping, art, getting involved, and being active.

Check out this quick list and/or use the interactive map for locations and more details. And, those that are starred are female-owned, which is a double-plus!

In Other Words- feminist community center and bookstore

Girls, Inc.- volunteer and empower young girls

Q Center- get involved with and support the LGBTQ community

POWfest- Portland Oregon Women’s Film Festival

The Bike Gallery- connect with fellow female bike enthusiasts

Barre3*- get a major workout with the sweet combination of ballet, yoga, and pilates

Caffe Brioso*- coffee, enough said.

Mother’s Bistro and Bar*- get a taste of delicious home-cooking

She Bop- female friendly sex store that’s also environmentally friendly

PDX Women’s Expo- beauty, fashion, food, and more all for a good cause


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