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Portland: The Paleo Paradise

Would you believe that cavemen were healthier than we are today? That the little food options that they had were actually better for you than all of the options we have today? A huge trend sweeping the nation lately has been the Paleolithic Diet. Also referred to as Paleo, this diet is based on the diet of the cavemen. The meal plans feature only foods found in nature that have not been processed or added too. The diet motto has become “Just Eat Real Food.” It insists on mostly meat and vegetables and little to no carbs. Many of the big proponents of the Paleo Diet are Crossfit Gyms and high performance athletes.

I recently have finished my first paleo 30- day challenge and I am a huge proponent of this lifestyle. I have been attending Victory City Crossfit for about 3 months now and decided to take the plunge into the Paleo lifestyle. I was warned that a few days after beginning this diet change that I would feel a slight lag in energy before my body would adjust to being fueled with out all of the processed carbs. I did encounter this problem about a week after I started and it was hard to push through. Once I got over these fews days however, I realized that it was well worth it! My energy level skyrocketed and I felt clearer headed and more focused. While working out, I felt more motivated and energized and was able to perform my best every time. The diet part was not as hard as it sounds. I learned to play around with cooking meat and the vegetables I chose to accompany it. I experimented with new vegetables and found a new love for sweat potatoes! I follow many Paleo Blogs to find new recipes and ideas to try and new fitness adventures. One of my personal favorites is Everyday Paleo.

The one thing I missed the most was eating out. I often felt restricted in my choices because of my diet and usually refrained from going out at all the remove the temptation of cheating. After a while I did some research of places to eat in the area that catered to the Paleo lifestyle. Recently, Portland has turned into a mecca for Paleo foods and more and more places have begun to cater to the Paleo lifestyle. Many restaurants have opened that focus on purely Gluten-Free and Paleo menus. Through my research, I found some interesting choices that made eating out easier and more fun! I hope these places and descriptions help and encourage you to jump in and start a challenge for yourself!

Have fun and good luck!

Truly yours,



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