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White Trash Picnic: Late Night Doughnuts and Milk

Some Voodoo goodness

So I know that there is a massive debate among doughnut lovers as to whether the tasty treats should be qualified as a breakfast food or a dessert. I’m gonna go out on a limb here as say damn right they’re desserts! They are the epitome of sweet, the mother of all things inventive and the food of a generation — the Voodoo generation that is. That being said, these little bundles of sugary dough have come to represent much more than breakfast here in Portland — they each are their own statement, showing that doughnuts can be both as individual and kooky as you desire, ranging from your typical cake doughnut (a favorite of old people and vintage doughnut enthusiasts) to the Cock-N-Balls doughnut offered by Voodoo doughnuts.

Bacon Maple Bar. Photo courtesy of J Carter Marketing

Surrounding Voodoo’s culture of oddity and deliciousness is a subculture of late night eaters of all ages, trekking to the downtown or Sandy Boulevard locations. When I was 18 myself and a group of my friends started a tradition that would stick with us for years. We initiated the White Trash Picnic (WTP). The festivities included a late night drive downtown, the purchase of doughnuts and milk at Voodoo, and a brief walk down to the waterfront to consume, chat and gulp our way through our spoils. There was something about that deep fried dough that brought us together, and still does to this day.

The moral to this story is simple, freedom is power. Our independence fueled our desire for something new, and our uniquely different tastes each found a doughnut to fit our needs. Whether that was through the Grape Ape or, my favorite, the Bacon Maple Bar (or as we call it, the Baple Bar) we were together, enjoying some local deliciousness among the glitz and glam of downtown Portland.

Lemon Oat Bourbon Cake Doughnuts. Photo courtesy of Chasing Delicious.

So here’s the deal, this time of year begs for a White Trash Picnic, and for those of us unable to make it downtown, or too poor to eat the prices at Voodoo, let’s make our own doughnuts! I was inspired by a recipe for Lemon Oat Bourbon Doughnuts from renown food blog, Chasing Delicious. So, in the true Portland spirit, lets make our own White Trash Picnic in the comfort of our own soggy backyards!

Forever yours,

Oh My Ganache


3 Responses to “White Trash Picnic: Late Night Doughnuts and Milk”

  1. PJ Marcello

    For the sake of my poor diet I qualify donuts as breakfast just so I don’t feel as guilty about eating them.

  2. enidspitz

    You make this sound so fun, great writing! But, am I just totally out of it–I didn’t know what you were talking about with “WTP” until you defined it like halfway through the story?


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