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The Break That Almost Was.

Before heading to the Washington Coast for Spring break, I had many expectations. I was going to relax, not think about school work and take time to take care of myself. Traveling with 15 other co eds though can sometimes ruin those plans though.

The drive there was a thrill. There was 5 of us girls in the car singing to the “90’s pop” Pandora station the entire 2 & 1/2 hour drive. The weather was amazing that day, at least until we got to Astoria. Finding the house in Long beach, Wa was a very difficult task. We went into about 3 private driveways before we finally found the right one. Once we pulled in, all of our friends had already arrived. You could hear the music blasting from outside the house and the garage door was open so we could see them playing pool and darts. This made us even more excited. It seemed that this was going to be the perfect place for all of us to enjoy a nice week together.

Walking in was when the stress started. Some of the boys had already broken a door handle and decided that us girls would get the “reject room.” A room that was above the garage and incredibly cold. I decided to just pretend that I wasn’t worried about the broken door handle and didn’t care about the extremely cold room I had gotten. I was going to start having fun and forget about the stresses of school for the week.

To spare you from the details, the rest of the trip was filled with breaking things and out of control behavior. I realized that going on a vacation with 15 people was maybe not the wisest idea. Especially when we were all confined in one house together. I wasn’t able to escape any stress, it was just a different kind that I acquired. In my opinion, if you ever find yourself looking for a break from school, it may be a good idea to take a break from the people that you see every day as well. Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends more than anything in the world, but the college partying lifestyle got the best of me that week.

Photo courtesy of Larissa Wood.

Photo courtesy of Larissa Wood.


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