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Broke & Engaged? Wedding Budget Tips!

Your wedding day is meant to be one of the most magical days of your life—something you dream about for years. The glitz and glamour of a wedding is what every skilled photographers are able capture to remember this special day solidifying the true beauty of a couples wedding day. But before the fun begins, it is important to set up a realistic wedding budget. Weddings are expensive. Of course no one wants to compromise on his or her wedding day, but without realistic expectations of costs from the beginning a bride may be left disappointed. Especially as a young adult, or recent college grad, communication on budget is key to a successful wedding because studies show finances is one the most common reason for divorce today. So let’s get married on the right foot with a comfortable wedding budget! On average, US couples spend $25,631 for their wedding. However, the majority of couples spend between $19,223 and $32,039. This does not include cost for a honeymoon. Understanding wedding cost now can help you with your wedding budget later. Traditionally speaking, a bride’s family would take care of much more of the expenses, but in modern day it is not uncommon for both sides to give the couple financial assistance. Making a budget worksheet is a great way to budget the total cost of your wedding! These key tips are ways to save several extra bucks on your budget.

  1. Choose a bargain location: Ceremony and reception locations can be huge budget busters. Find a location that will save you a few bucks such as a friend’s barn or a local church with a reception hall.

    My friend, Jill O’Conner, on her wedding day at a local inexpensive barn.


    The inside of cheap barn location–with fantastic decorations!

  2. Don’t do Saturdays: Since locations and vendors are looking to fill their calendars rather than sit empty, they often give discounted rates.
  3. Shorten the Guest List: Might sound harsh but cutting one person off of the list will save you up to $170! You don’t have to invite your friends’ five kids, just invite the parents — they’ll understand.
  4. Keep Dinner Simple: The easier the meal, the more money in your pocket!
  5. Make Your Own Invitations: Gather a group of friends and create an assembly-line workflow. You’ll have customized, handmade invitations and programs in no time.

    Jill and I on her wedding day

    Jamie Ellen


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