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“I Found Him on Tinder”

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Just when I was catching on to the “Snapchat” craze, a new app has reached the hands of college students around UP.

I first heard about “Tinder” when I was sitting at my dining room table and heard my roommate say, “OH I HAVE A MATCH!” I then asked her what she was talking about and it was Tinder.

Basically, its an app that lets you choose a certain radius around you and it finds matches for you in that specific mile radius that have common interests with you. This got me thinking, since when are college kids using media as a form of finding someone to date? I always thought online dating was for older people who were just having no luck out in their daily lives, but I guess finding someone on campus just isn’t enough for some people.

I tried the app and immediately was addicted. You get to scroll through a checklist and basically reject or accept whoever you think looks best. If they like you back, it becomes a match. i never talked to anyone because I instantly got a little bit creeped out, but I can definitely see why so many people on campus are obsessed.


16 Responses to ““I Found Him on Tinder””

  1. Elizabeth

    This is hilarious! So much we can do with social media these days.. it’s kinda creepy that people can know where you are though. I wonder if it has any success stories? Wish you would have explained a little more about what people write for their interests, etc.

  2. Sol Flores

    I love this blog, because I have some friends who do online dating and I showed them and they started laughing. They agreed that it is very precise but they are a little afraid of it because it seems odd that it says where precisely you are. Overall made me laugh the whole time. Next time maybe add a story from someone who has used it and give an example of how they interacted with their match and similar to what Liz said. The picture though helped give an idea of how it might work, so that was nice.


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