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So…how do you work in a group setting?

Stomach churning, mind racing, fingers twiddling. Everything that goes on when you’re sitting in an interview and you are asked, “So…how do you work in a group setting?” You want to say, “To be honest, I hate groups! I don’t like to rely on anyone and I would rather just work by myself.”

However, you know after your extensive practice in interviewing, that saying what you’re thinking is the wrong answer. All companies want employees who work well in a group setting and love team projects. WRONG! Granted, many companies are very group oriented and you introverts wouldn’t last 1 week before pulling your hair out. Lucky for you, Amy Chang dishes the top careers for people who hate people!

#1: Accountant

Two words: Number Cruncher. Dealing with financial data can keep one pretty isolated and busy at the office.

#2: Graphic Designer

Instead of heading to an office every morning for a daily meeting, just brew yourself a cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home and get to work right at your own kitchen table.

#3: Software Developer

All you need to do is create programs and software to encourage other people to become more introverted and just play on their smartphones!

#4: Medical Records and Health Information Technician

It’s all the perks of understanding what is going on with a patient, without having to deal with the patient. Leave that job to McDreamy!!

#5: Cost Estimators

Can’t seem to find a way to manipulate people into liking you? How about trying to manipulate some data instead!

#6: Commercial Pilot

This isn’t the typical pilot who you might find on Southwest Airlines coming back to school after Winter Break. Commercial Pilots fly solo! You don’t need a flight crew or even a co-pilot, just you and the plane! What more could you ask for?

#7: Computer Programmer

Instead of working with people, you are working with a computer! Welcome to the 21st century!


Although these may be the top jobs for people who like to work alone, there are still plenty of opportunities to interact with fellow employees if one chooses to do so. So, friends of introverts, no need to worry about anyone becoming a hermit.

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