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Before You Go Home For the Summer, Consider This


shot of an evening concert at the Oregon Zoo’s Summer Concert series
photo on concert series page of the Oregon Zoo site

Let’s come to grips with our situation, fellow college students. It’s mid-semester, spring break is inches away, and one week can in NO way make up for the lack of sleep that has piled up since the biginning of semester. Plus, on this (hopefully) sunny vacation if you are like me, whistful visions of a home far away will creep into your every unconcious thought.

Yes, we know what’s coming and we can’t wait! In no time, the hallowed months of April and May will be here: we’ll bid the rain boots and jackets goodbye as they are hung up after yet another infamously wet Northwest winter. and the sun worshipers will come out of hiding. I tend to miss home around this time, being from Hawai’i, I long for 75º weather and a beach where I can swim without fear of freezing to death.

Yet, the way in which Portland bounces back and greets the sunshine every year really makes me think twice about being so eager to pack my bags and be gone. The city of Roses comes to life in the absence of the out-of-state college student. The summer-time parades, festivals, and concerts around the city

may just even make you change your mind about going home to anywhere that isn’t Portland Oregon…

Here is a bunch of sizzlin’ summertime goings-on that is worth checking out.

Oregon Zoo Summer Concerts

This annual Oregon summer tradition brings to the Oregon Zoo some world-class acts that really appeal to a wide palette including an array of rock, folk, and world musicians. The zoo hosts concerts in the zoo’s amphitheater and surrounding lawn from June till August. Headliners in last year’s summer concert series included blues guitar legend Buddy Guy, the B-52s, guitar virtuoso Leo Kottke, and Reggae star Ziggy Marley. These acts are big! The line-up for this year’s series will be posted later in April.

Waterfront Blues Festival

Mark your calendars for July 4 – 7! It’s gonna heat up at the waterfront. This blues festival, which is considered the nation’s premier blues festival and winner of numerous awards will return. Rising stars in the blues world such as pedal steel guitarist Robert Randolph and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame vocalist Mavis Staples may give you an idea of the caliber of blues that this festival brings. Come down to the water in the summer heat and let the blues seep way into your soul.


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