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It’s okay, You’re Ready!


Credit to Peaceful Mind

Getting over a relationship can be amongst the hardest things we have to do emotionally. Being stuck in that love “spell” after the other person gets over the relationship can be even harder; believe me no one likes to be on someone’s “hook”.  In doing some reading I found that Marckens gives us four signs to know that we are ready. Relationship advice is tough to place value upon for different people in different situations though and just because these four signs may actually mean something for some, they very easily could not for most. The reality is that only we can really individually know when we are ready to get back out there.

Marckens states that you are ready to move on when:

  1. You find yourself interested in other people
  2. You don’t think about your partner anymore
  3. No more harsh or drastic emotions
  4. No longer checking up on your ex (ties into #2)

The most important one of those signs is number three but I think number one goes hand in hand in accordance with it. Once you are at ease with the old situation, it is definitely more likely that you will start looking forward to newer and brighter horizons in terms of getting back out there.

In addressing reasons #2 and #4, having feelings for your ex is natural and they will take time to get over. Strong connections are tough to forget about and just because you may not be fully over someone does not mean you cannot attempt to move forward. Memories are always nice to look back on!

-Joey S


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