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Gwynn Klobes

Gwynn Klobes, Director of the P4 program at the University of Portland discusses why the P4 program is so beneficial for her students. Compared to other universities who do not have this type of program, the students at the University of Portland succeed in ways that many other college students do not. The Pamplin School Of Business Administration has demonstrated an excellent success rate of students since implementing this program.


4 Responses to “Gwynn Klobes”

  1. Joey Sedano

    Good video, I really liked the presentation of it and it is well done. Ms. Klobes was a good source to get too!

    • bridgetcangany

      She really is a fantastic source! She just about knows everyone associated in the business field here in Portland!

  2. Caroline Lai

    Good interview! Great cutting and editing to get to the important things she says. Interesting use of portrait instead of landscape while filming- it really puts the focus on her. Your voice over sounds professional!

    • bridgetcangany

      Thanks! She is such a great person to talk to about life. She genuinely cares about her students!


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