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“The Bachelor” Fans Have Spoken: Pilots Favor Catherine as the Winner of Sean’s Heart

No matter how Sean feels about the two finalists on this season of “The Bachelor,” University of Portland students are loyally rooting for Pacific Northwest native, Catherine.

In a race for love that has taken its viewers on a relationship rollercoaster, Sean Lowe will finally propose to either Catherine or Lindsey only two weeks from now.

With a season that included typical “The Bachelor / Bachelorette” norms, such as drama between contestants and shocking rose ceremonies (not to mention, plenty of breaking the rules), many are convinced that he will end it the way that almost every other season has ended – with a proposal.

With only two women left, Pilots are blindly loyal – their hope remains that Sean picks Catherine, a Seattle, Washington native.

“Catherine was my favorite from the start,” said senior Nicole Yun, and also fellow Seattle native. “She is from Seattle, huge plus there!”

“She’s reppin’ the Pacific Northwest!” said alumna Maddie Forinash.

The 26-year-old’s personality is the next reason why so many students are big fans.

“She’s giggly and fun and free-spirited,” said senior Chet Thompson.

“She is super cute, has a great personality, and is very spontaneous,” said Yun.

Sean, who’s currently 29-years-old, sent the only contestant older than him home on Feb. 25, AshLee, who is 32.

Lindsey, the younger of the final two at 24-years-old, has been targeted because of this and argued as less mature than Catherine.

“Catherine is more mature than Lindsey,” said junior Lauren Klafter. “I feel that Lindsey has more growing up to do.”

“[Catherine] is grown-up, hilarious, and has always been herself,” said Forinash.

But similarly, the other side of the spectrum has Lindsey fans claiming the same thing about Catherine, and that she isn’t ready for marriage. Additionally, viewers have fallen in love with her personality, even after her crazy wedding dress stunt on the first episode.

“Lindsey and Sean’s personalities work really well,” said junior Rachel Schmidt. “Lindsey is more mature than Catherine too!”

“He shouldn’t pick Catherine because her own mom and sisters don’t even think that she is ready for marriage and to settle down and have kids!” said junior Kelsey Ayres.

“It would be so perfect for Sean to end up with ‘the crazy girl in the wedding dress,’” said alumna Moon Williams.

But in the end, true love trumps puppy love – and Portland Pilots think he’s found it with Catherine.

“It seems like she is very compatible for Sean and they would be a perfect fit!” said Yun.

“He is at ease with Catherine, where as with Lindsey it is young puppy love,” said Klafter. “You can see it in Sean’s eyes that with Catherine there is true love!”


2 Responses to ““The Bachelor” Fans Have Spoken: Pilots Favor Catherine as the Winner of Sean’s Heart”

  1. Elizabeth

    Great post, I’m an avid Bachelor watcher and completely agree. Catherine is my favorite of the final two. Would have been neat to have a guy’s perspective… which girl do they like? I’m sure there’s guys out there who watch (by choice or not). haha. Also, just as a note, try to avoid “stacking” quotes, meaning quotes without your own text to separate them. I enjoyed this piece a lot – very timely! 🙂


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