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A New Artist To The Mix

Bear 3

“Bear.” Portland, Oregon. Feb. 2013 Photo By: W.C. Lawson

In the outskirts of St. Johns, just aside from the train tracks there is a new development of graffiti artwork that resemble a bear. The above image is the only tag the releases text, “Don’t Hate The Bear.” Until I research more into this local artist and find a name, I will have to refer to him/her as “The Bear.”

This artist has excellent use of line and symmetry with their work.

"The Bear." Portland, Oregon. Feb. 2013 Photo by W.C. Lawson

“The Bear.” Portland, Oregon. Feb. 2013 Photo by W.C. Lawson

Just about 50 meters from the first site of this artist I found this piece on the beach behind the train bridge that separates University Park from St. Johns. From examining the style within this piece, I found parallels in the art to the artwork from the first image. This, of course, lead me to believe that this is the same artist.

"The Bear." Portland, Oregon. Feb. 2013. Photo By: W.C. Lawson

“The Bear.” Portland, Oregon. Feb. 2013. Photo By: W.C. Lawson

I found this “tag sticker” placed just a couple of feet from the beached boat. It too, had the same style of line work and symmetry as did the aforementioned images.

All of these graffiti pieces appear to be relatively new to the area (no signs of cover ups, damage or weathering). It is very exciting to find a new trend of artwork from the same artist in a particular area. This may lead to more work that would allow me to examine the field for more parallels. Hopefully, I can find the proper name for this artist.

For now, I’ll just have to keep searching.



4 Responses to “A New Artist To The Mix”

  1. Kyle Cape-Lindelin

    Cool Will! that’s definitely a great find, I hope you can track him down and do an interview with him, he’s clearly very talented and definetly has his own unique style that is already drawing people to his work. Happy hunting!

  2. Megan Parker

    great find and research! you should go back and tag yourself in all of your articles so people can find you easier!

    really enjoyed the pictures though!


  3. austyn

    sorry about the previous comment. h8k is a graffiti crew however the peices you found where all by dhestoe! catch them while you can cause their out of towners!


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