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5 reasons why indoor is better than outdoor

Indoor soccer trumps outdoor on a number of fronts. Most obviously, there’s no bad weather inside! Photo by Andrew C.

After playing soccer for the better half of my life, I have come to a startling realization: indoor soccer is more fun to play than outdoor.

I would gladly exchange my years of outdoor winter and spring ball for indoor. I don’t want to complain, I love outdoor. But since I started playing indoor, I haven’t looked back.

Here are my top 5 reasons why indoor is more fun:

No rain1. No rain. An Oregon spring is more like an extension of winter – cold, rainy and windy. Add grass and you have numb toes, a soaked jersey and not matter what type of cleats, you can count on slipping in mud. I think it goes without saying, indoor doesn’t have any of these things. Just soccer.



2. Goals. There’s nothing better than playing soccer on a sunny day. The only problem – what if your team can’t find the back of the net? There’s nothing more frusterating than playing your heart out and not scoring. In indoor, you can count on goals. There is rarely an indoor score of 1-2. Indoor is designed for scoring goals. With a smaller field and no sidelines, it’s not uncommon to see a game go 6-5. And scoring goals is fun! It’s why people play the beautiful game.


No positions

3. No positions. Because only 7 people play on the field at at time, there are really not set positions (except the keeper). You can be a defender one minute and a forward the next. It’s a great way to try out a variety of positions without being stuck at one all game long.


Work Hard

4. You can play harder. You can go hard for 15 minutes and wear yourself out, sub out for 3 minutes, catch your breath, and go back in for more. Try that in outdoor (yeah, right). Indoor is faster and continual. Sure, you may only have 22 minute halves, but you can make more of tha time because the game never stops.


Practice5. No practice necessary. For people with busy schedules, indoor is perfect. The culture of indoor soccer is unique. Teams aren’t expected to practice, and I’d argue that 90 percent of them don’t get together except on game day. You can pick up more games with other teams who are short a player because it’s about playing to play. You can be as competitive as you want to be, and keep playing even if you work full time.


So, if you want to play soccer, score and have a blast, indoor is a diamond in the rough.


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