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The Perfect Entourage for Wedding Dress Shopping

I’ll be the first to admit that I am addicted to the TLC’s show “Say Yes To The Dress”. Not only do I love looking at the variety of wedding dresses, but I also love to see whom the bride picks as her “entourage” in the wedding dress picking process. I love the drama the sometimes ensues, but as a bride I know I would never want drama on the day I choose my very own wedding dress. As a girl, I have thought about that day for a lifetime and with my best friend getting married in August, I finally got to be part of that process at David’s Bridal. Before we went shopping however, it got me thinking, who really are the perfect people to take shopping for a second opinion? Taking too many people may cause obvious problems. The day is already overwhelming and having 10 different opinions flying in your direction will make the say even that much more stressful. This should be fun! So rule number one, do NOT take too many people. How many is to many you ask? If your bridal party is more than 7, I would stick to your closest friends and family to make sure the number doesn’t get out of control. My best friend brought her three bridesmaids and her mom, a total of four guests with plenty of support for her decision. Brides—don’t be afraid of hurting people’s feelings when it comes to choosing people to shop with you for your wedding dress. This is YOUR day, and YOU must be surrounded by the positivity you need. Make sure you value your entourage’s opinion and trust their judgment. Choose people who you know are honest and direct, especially is you are indecisive!


Dress number three!


The bride-to-be and her bridesmaids!


Winner winner chicken dinner!

Jamie Ellen


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