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Ironman: Not Just For Men

Screen shot 2013-02-24 at 1.23.09 PMThe Ironman competitions are known as one of the most strenuous and rewarding events for an athlete to complete. A local Portlander broke the mold on Ironman standard competitors: unlike the vast majorities of participants, she’s a woman! Shirlee Denmead participated in the Ironman competition in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho last summer. She’s a young, tough athlete who doubles as a personal trainer at Fulcram Fitness and has a deep love for fitness. Her personal fitness is extremely important to her and she takes her training very seriously. In this segment she discusses her training regime and what it took to get her to the Ironman level!


2 Responses to “Ironman: Not Just For Men”

  1. enidspitz

    How cool! It is awesome to see a profile on a female athlete that is breaking stereotypes. I want to see even more photos of her training/doing the Ironman now, but the video gave a glimpse into her fun and friendly personality. (tiny ocd spelling note: FulcrUm Fitness)

  2. Julia Kennedy

    I love when women can break the typical demographic and be awesome like this (see: Danica Patrick). I loved your angle and am impressed by your topic choice!


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