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Battle of the Sexes: Laziness!

When I first read the blog to which I am responding to, my immediate response was laughter because I can relate to every single one of these. Obviously I can only speak for myself and my experiences but at least in my current relationship, I tend to be the one who has to be forced to get up out of bed and be active. I think guys in general have a tendency to want to just relax, we really enjoy our time to simply “chill”. Marckens brings up three valid points; all of which I can personally testify for.

To his first reason, I think this is definitely true. Women tend to focus on and make it a point to capture the “picture perfect” moments. More times than not, in order to achieve those moments, a night out is usually required. In my experiences, this has proven to be 100% true, especially in the early stages of the relationship. Women usually want to get out there to a restaurant or a movie, or to a theme park or whatever it may be. The point is that women are usually the ones to force the issue when it comes to hitting the town.

His second reason plays into my introduction. Men are very easily entertained, you give us a tv remote and some food and most men will probably be set for the day (a typical lazy sunday). Women on the other hand, are exactly that, on the other hand. A day in front of the tv does not appeal to most.

His third reason is the most iffy of them all. This really varies in the type of relationship but in certain past experiences this has proven to be true. I am personally not one to put myself out there very often so it doesn’t take much to be more outgoing than I am, but more times than not I have found that women in general, friends included of course, are more inclined to attempt to meet new people.


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