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A perspective about Tuition Equity from a UP student

Jackie Ackerson, is a junior at University of Portland. She is from Sacramento, CA and gives her personal opinions about the Oregon House Bill 2787, also known as Tuition Equity. Many students across Oregon probably do not know what Tuition Equity is and what would happen if it were to be passed in Oregon Senate.  This past Friday, February 22 many supporters of the bill where waiting to see if once again it would be shut down like it has been for the past few years, but to their surprise it was passed in House of Representatives.

Tuition Equity, is Oregon’s version of Dream Act, where undocumented students who have attended Oregon schools from middle school and graduated a Oregon high school and have no felonies or any type of criminal record could qualify to go to a public Oregon college for instate tuition. In this current state, if an undocumented student where to attend a public Oregon college they would be paying international tuition.

Tuition Equity does not affect UP because it is a private institute, but Jackie Ackerson gives her stance on Tuition Equity. She also express what she thinks about UP’s diversity and if Tuition Equity were to apply to UP how would it affect the culture.


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