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To Buy Shoes or Pay the Gas Bill?

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As college students we are faced with becoming financially responsible for ourselves. This includes doing our own grocery shopping and making sure that we have money to pay rent, utilities and other basic needs. I was recently faced with a dilemma in which I spent too much money on a pair of shoes, and didn’t have enough money to pay my gas bill. Now I know for a fact that I didn’t need those shoes, but if you could see them, you may just understand why I HAD TO HAVE THEM. My parents were less than pleased when I told them, and they refused to help me out. This meant digging into my savings. I got to thinking after this situation, how can I manage my money and make sure that I have enough set aside for bills, groceries and gas.

I discovered this AMAZING website: I have never felt more comfortable with my finances. This website allows you to connect it to your bank account and keep track on what you’ve been spending money on. You can set a budget each month for gas, rent, groceries and much more. This site will then let you know how much money you’ve spent in each category and make suggestions as far as budget adjustments that you may need. It even has an app that you can download straight to your phone and keep track of your account from anywhere, as well as get alerts when you’ve gone over budget!

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I highly recommend that everyone check this website out, because it will not only help you keep track of your finances, but it may help release the burden of always checking your account balance off of your shoulder.


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