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Personality Tests: A Thing of the Future

Do your strengths match your color?

As a business major at the University of Portland I was required three years ago, as a freshman, to take a StrengthsQuest test. Similar to a personality test, StrengthsQuest figures out your top five strengths based on a series of questions. My top five strengths are as follows:

  1. Achiever
  2. Responsibility
  3. Relator
  4. Developer
  5. Communication

These five strengths are ranked from most prevalent to least prevalent. Essentially, because my first to strengths are achiever and responsibility I enjoy being the leader who is in charge of a situation. I get things done when they need to be done. However, my last three strengths are relator, develop and communication. These strengths lean more towards being a people-person. I enjoy getting to know people on a more personal level by understanding what they truly like and dislike.

Although these strength’s sound very nice, they are on very opposite ends of the spectrum. My first two strengths make me a very individualistic person while my second three strengths show that I am work great with a group. These two parts of my personality butt heads all the time and because my top two strengths are my individualistic traits, I would rather do everything myself.

When you take personality quizzes like this, the mediator always reminds you that these types of quizzes and tests are not to say this is exactly who you are. However, this past weekend I visited Reno, NV for a leadership conference and ended up taking a Color Test. The Color Test is very similar to the Strength’s Quest, but instead of five words that describe you, you are assigned a color that is associated with a series of words that describes you. The four colors are orange, gold, blue and green. After taking the test I discovered that I discovered that I was a gold, blue. I was shocked to find that after three years, my personality is about exactly the same. I am first a leader and then I am a people person. I learned that I don’t get along very well with people who classify with orange and I help balance out people who classify with green.

I will never 100% believe these types of tests, because we are all a little bit of everything. But I do know, that in order to maximize my strengths, I need to fully understand people who have different strengths so that I can eliminate any barriers between interpersonal communication. Understanding your personality and others personalities can ultimately help you succeed in the classroom and the workroom.

I’m Still, Big Red


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